General dentistry


We understand how you feel when you have a toothache. We will endeavour to see you as soon as we can.


All of our fillings are white and we endeavour to match the filling colour to that of your own teeth.


This is the removal of teeth that are broken beyond repair, loose or dead nerve. Most cases are straightforward, but there are some difficult cases due to long roots, curve roots, diverged roots.

Routine dental examination, clean and fluoride

It is important to have a 6 monthly regular dental check-up and clean, to keep good dental health and treat any problems when they are small and minor.

Crown and bridge

We recommend a crown for teeth that are weakened with large fillings, after root canal therapy or where there is crack under an old filling or around the tooth. The crown will provide better protection. Usually crowns are made from ceramic and porcelain. A bridge is 3 or more crowns joined together to replace missing teeth, with the 2 crowns at each end cemented to natural teeth. The tooth under the crown is reduced 1-1.5 mm all around for space for the porcelain.

Clenching and grinding teeth

This usually occurs from time to time due to stress and worry when sleeping. Clenching can lead to fractured teeth and fillings, and grinding can lead to wearing teeth down. Clenching and grinding can be periodic when there is stress. We recommend an occlusal splint to wear on upper teeth at night time to protect teeth from wearing down and fracture.

Temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) problem

The TMJ is where the lower jaw joint to the base of the skull, just in front of your left and right ear. A TMJ problem is when there is a clicking sound on one side or both sides when opening the mouth, sore when open the mouth or opening of the mouth is limited. This usually results from prolonged clenching and grinding and puts a lot of pressure on the joint. We recommend an occlusal splint first and if symptoms persist then we will refer you to a specialist.

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